<![CDATA[AVAILABLE LIGHTS - Blog]]>Thu, 03 Dec 2015 09:32:13 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[phoToday Exhibition - Unsere Welt]]>Mon, 26 Oct 2015 15:52:56 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/photoday-exhibition-unsere-weltEhy guys, I finally did it: I organized my first Exhibition :)
7 Photographers of our Photoclub are exhibiting in St. Gallen and you are all invited!

DON'T MISS THE VERNISSAGE ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST!!! we will all be present and there will be drinks and snacks. Door opening: 14.00, Opening Speech: 17:00

For the FB Event click here!

Zum Thema "unsere Welt" zeigt jede und jeder ihre/seine besten Bilder. Trotz teils sehr unterschiedlicher Fotografiethemen finden sich die Bilder alle im gemeinsamen Thema wieder und ergeben so ein vielfältiges Ganzes. In einer aussergewöhnlichen Lokalität, der Galerie "träumereien" in St. Gallen können sie bestaunt werden. Die Präsentation der Bilder wurde jedem Fotograf/ jeder Fotografin selbst überlassen, man darf sich auf vielfältige Arten der Präsentation freuen. 

Passend zur Vorweihnachtszeit gibt es auch einiges zu kaufen! Von hochwertigen Prints über Kalender oder Postkarten, wem die Bilder gefallen, der kann sicher auch etwas mit nach Hause nehmen!

Das gemütliche Stübli im unteren Stockwerk lädt zum Verweilen ein. So kann man locker mit unseren Mitgliedern oder anderen Foto- oder Kunstbegeisterten ins Gespräch kommen.

Dank 4 Daten und unterschiedlichen Öffnungszeiten sollte es fast jedem und jeder möglich sein, die Ausstellung besuchen zu können:

Samstag, 21.11.15: 1400 - 2200
Sonntag, 22.11..15: 0900 - 2000
Samstag 28.11.15: 0900 - 2200
Sonntag 29.11.15: 0900 - 1700

Eröffnungsrede mit Apéro am Samstag, 21.11.15 um 1700 Uhr!

Wir freuen uns riesig auf deinen Besuch!
Bernhard, Peter, Francesca, Valentin, Fredi, Daniel L. und Daniel T.
<![CDATA[UPDATE to my previous post ]]>Tue, 28 Jul 2015 18:15:13 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/update-to-my-previous-postIt was all a scam. As mean and humiliating as it is, it only was a damn well-executed scam! 
I kind of feel humiliated right now, after bragging all morning about my picture being published here and on my other social channels, but I feel like I have to write about it and at least try to warn other naive people like me. 

Thank you to Daniel Kellenberger, who put me off about the scam and saved me from giving them money for books which would have never arrived; I really appreciated it!!! First of all for "saving" me, and sharing the advice of a professional like he is, and secondly because I personally felt a little proud that a professional photographer is  actually following me and my experiments on the blog, facebook page and the other channels. Maybe this will be my takeaway from today :) Maybe I'm not so good to be chosen for real in a photo competition, but at least someone with real talent is following and helping me!

Well about the scam (see 
bit.ly/unXpected), pictures are randomly chosen and I guess more or less every participant get to see at least one of his picture in any of the collection of the "award exposure". Seems like some of the participants get even asked to pay in order to bring the chosen picture to the next stage. I was lucky enough to have to pay anything, at least. After that everyone will receive the same letter as I got, and of course, people will buy the book with their photo published in it! Book that will never arrive at destination, according to the many comments on the internet (yes, I googled it after finding out, I should have done it before, but everyone knows how clumsy and naive I am ^^). They have been doing it for some years now, I wonder how they can still exist in the "transparent-era-of-the-internet"! But I must admit, is very well done! Have you seen their homepage? or the book itself they put together? Where do they find the time and creativeness to do everything so perfectly? 

I felt humiliated and naive, thinking that one of my photo were actually that good to get chosen, and I feel even worse about bragging about it for the whole morning. And it feels a little hard to admit it here, but hey, I have to see the bright side! I've found out people are actually following me, I made myself a little advertising today, I got you to see my picture and visit my page and blogs,  and I received a lot of likes for the post on Instagram :D

<![CDATA[This was completely unexpected... but it happened!]]>Tue, 28 Jul 2015 08:00:21 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/this-was-completely-unexpected-but-it-happenedIt's a nice way to wake up, when you open the email and with your eyes still half closed you try to read that email that almost ended in spam.... and it's an unexpected good news; Very good indeed! 

NDR.: you can keep on reading, but be aware of the update post I wrote some hours later: 

Some months ago, I found out about a nice photo competition from an Instagram User I was following, and out of curiosity I googled it and created an account for myself. Unluckily it was already the last week, the deadline was incoming and I didn't have time to really take care of it. I simply put some few information about myself and scratched 3 pictures from my hard drive to post. I choose the pictures kind of randomly, not even in their best resolution, nor completely edited. The competition ended 3 days after, I hadn't had the time to ask anyone of my friends to vote for my entries so I didn't care much about it. Two weeks later an email: "One of your pictures has been chosen by the judges to enter the architecture competition, please enter the homepage and click to agree in order to enter the next phase." - I did it, for fun. 

And today this:

SeeMe Exhibitions 

Dear Francesca Rezzonico, 

It's been an honor to show your photography as part the Fifth Annual Exposure Award. The work of this year’s project has been extraordinary, viewed by over five million photo enthusiasts from around the world. Additionally, your photograph was included in a digital display of images presented at the Exposure Award Reception at the Louvre. 

Your photography was included in the Architecture Collection
and was presented at a private reception at hosted at: 
Musee du Louvre
75058 Paris - France, July 13th, 2015

Photography holds power. The act of taking a photo acts as a historical marker and a capture of time. Just as archaeologists offer hypotheses about ancient societies based on cave paintings, historians of the future will base their conjectures about us on the photography that is happening at this very moment, including yours. 
As technology makes our world more interconnected, the act of creation has become a universal language and a vital conversation. Your photography, represented at the Fifth Annual Exposure Award reception is a thrilling contribution to that dialogue. 

It's been an honor to have your work included. Thank you for sharing your photography with us and with the world. 

William Etundi Jr.
Founder of SeeMe

This image was displayed as part of the digital display at the Louvre celebrating The Exposure Award on July 13th, 2015.

<![CDATA[My first big assignement]]>Tue, 21 Apr 2015 09:25:41 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/my-first-big-assignementDo you remember when in December I posted about a new big assignement I was shooting with Elisa? It has finally been released! 

At the beginning of December, I was asked to shoot for the new "Embedded Engineer" Flyer for Bosch Packaging Services AG, where I was currently doing my marketing internship. 
We spent two half-days shooting, with different backgrounds, themes and models and I must say: it has been a great experience! 
It was not available lights, as we used two external flashes and a reflector, which gave me the opportunity to better experience how to handle flashes and lights once more!

All pictures were shooted by me, but rely under the copyright of © Bosch Packaging Services
<![CDATA[Popular on 500px]]>Tue, 10 Mar 2015 12:19:59 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/popular-on-500pxThis is AWESOME!
My picture of the Ojiya Balloon Festival just made it to Popular on 500px.com within few minutes from its publication!!! ... and it's still going up, this screenshot was from page 3, right now is at page 2 :)

<![CDATA[Japanese photographers are insane!]]>Thu, 26 Feb 2015 10:31:57 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/february-26th-2015I think I'll stay in Japan and become an assistant to some photographer here... They all are so talented here; it's incredible! I desperately want to learn from them!!!!

Look at this Tumblr, it's simply amazing... I found it on Instagram, and I can't stop to look at these pics! I want to learn everything!

<![CDATA[A Candid world of Beauty]]>Tue, 24 Feb 2015 04:34:18 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/a-candid-world-of-beautyRemember the Project "The Atlas of Beauty" from Mihaela Noroc I posted few days ago? In my opinion, the best way to capture the traits of beauty is through Candid Photography - capturing people when they are not aware of it, in their most spontaneous expressions and moments.

I decided to create my own version of this project; a sort of "Candid World of Beauty" with all the best shots of the people surrounding me. If you want to see more, like my page and follow me... More photos to come!

If you want to support me, don't forget to share this :)

<![CDATA[Interesting Facts about Japan (Part II)]]>Mon, 23 Feb 2015 13:00:57 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/interesting-facts-about-japan-part-iiHere we are, a second post for the interesting facts about Japan...I’ve been collecting them for you! Let’s start with a very recent topic...

❤ Valentine Day... I told you in the last post how Christmas in Japan takes the features of our Valentine Day, and well, it seems Japanese really like this day because the not only doubled it, but it comes in a three-pack! At Christmas a romantic dinner, and on the 14th of February girls have to show their love and affection to their beloved ones by giving them [possibly handmade] chocolate. Western boys are surely thinking about moving to Japan, finally a country where are the girls giving and the boys receiving... BUT, it’s not the end guys! One month after, on the 14th of March is the White day, and I quote from Wikipedia: On White Day, the reverse happens: men who received a chocolate on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts. Traditionally, popular White Day gifts are cookies, jewelry, white chocolate, white lingerie, and marshmallows. Sometimes the term literally, sanbai gaeshi (三倍返し, 'triple the return') is used to describe the generally recited rule that the return gift should be two to three times the worth of the Valentine's gift.

🎁 Packaging... you would expect cute and well-finished packaging under these commercial festivities as Valentine day or Christmas, but in Japan this is an all-day thing. Everything is in this extremely cute packaging that make everything look so much better and make people like us smile. Forget the brown paper bag when you buy a simple pastry, they will put it in a nice flimsy paper and inside a very cute pink paper bag. Wine and sake bottle look all so elegant, and they sometimes come into an as well elegant box. I love it, everything is so kawaii!

🍶 Speaking of bottles... here is cold, so sometimes you would like to drink something warm. And here come the vending machines! Yes, in Japan you won’t find only cool drinks in the vending machines, but also hot ones. Let’s not talk about the incredible amount of vending machines present in Japan; you will find one at every single corner! But hot ones? And understand me well, you don’t have to look for the hot one, no, some vending machines offer both cold and hot drinks!

<![CDATA[A good Idea?]]>Wed, 18 Feb 2015 13:47:30 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/a-good-ideaHow cool is this collection from Mihaela Noroc Photography? Well, for me candid photography would definetely be the best way to show the real beauty of people... but of course is my opinion!

I was looking through my pictures, and I already collected quite a good number of candids from many different countries, maybe I should make a project out of it...
<![CDATA[Allow me this...]]>Sun, 15 Feb 2015 12:18:32 GMThttp://www.availablelights.com/blog/allow-me-thisWhich photographer haven’t already heard the hideous question in this world “please, could you take a photo for me? With your camera will be so much better!” or even worse... “with such a camera everyone could take a nice picture!” Yes, I am only a hobby photographer, yes I have a very nice camera, which I love, but...
Many of my best pictures are been taken with my previous camera; one on the cheapest end of the Nikon DSLR range – which has already been outdated by at least five models. The new camera is a whole new world in quality and light sensitivity - a full-frame, but when I first started with it I really struggled! For a very long time, I had the impression I completely lost every single skill that took me so much time to acquire. I wanted to go back to my little cheap camera. Now I slowly learned how to handle it, the photographs are now and then back to the usual level.

The camera doesn’t play such an important role as people may think. Some photographers (being professional or “just” passionate amateurs as I am) would love to be finally taken seriously. The real medium is the passion and devotion you have, not the gear you are using! Please don’t ask me to take a nice picture with my camera because it has a higher resolution if I find myself explaining you after two minutes how to take a better picture with your phone. Of course, I will do it gladly, taking nice pictures for other people is something I like, but please, give me some credits more than the gear I own.

I am not a big fan of phone photography, it simply doesn’t fit my style and the way I approach photography, but there are some photographers who make incredible pictures with it. They put thoughts in it: how to compose the image, how to let the light create it, where to put the subject, when it’s the right moment to shoot, etc. Maybe this takes some minutes, maybe few seconds, but for sure it takes some thoughts and the active use of learned skills.

I spent so much time and [too much] money on books, magazines, tutorials, forums and blogs, trying to get a grasp of how photography works. I spent as much time trying to figure out my style and my “why”. It didn’t simply took a good camera. Yes, it can help, and it shows you how devoted you are as well. My camera, together with the best lens I have, weights around 1.5 kg and has a considerable size. Travelling with it is hard, you mostly have to make a choice between bringing your camera or travelling light and easy. But have you ever tried to walk around with a heavy camera for 15 days in a row? Your hands, shoulders and back will hurt, you will always have to bring along a big backpack or a bag (and not all the camera bag usually look as good as a nice woman handbag does), that of course will claim all of your attention and care when traveling. In my opinion, this shows the passion and devotion one has. I am putting a lot of effort in what I am doing; what I love and what makes me happy. It’s what I mostly spend time with, reading, experimenting, and doing whatever comes into my mind, so...

I don’t have many followers on Facebook or Instagram, and I don’t care, I am doing it for myself and for feeding my passion and curiosity. I don’t claim to be good, and I am not begging your approval or praise for my photography, but do you think I am allowed to ask for a little more respect for it?